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Welcome to my genealogy and family history page, which is constantly expanding and evolving.  Be sure to visit the highlights of this site for links to material you may want to visit regardless of whether you're part of the families mentioned here.  Please take a quick look at the Credits, Links, and Other Information section of this page for some housekeeping notes.


bulletAdded mailing list information for those interested in site updates.
bullet Lives of the Lindsays -- Read or download Lord Lindsay's history of the major part of the Lindsay family, traced from earliest times until 1849.  This three volume work was compiled to assert his claim to certain benefits relating to his title, and is regarded as a model of written family history.
bulletAdded overview of Lindsay Scotch-Irish Immigration
bulletEnhanced article on the Identity of Alexander Lindsay
bulletAdded History of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.
bulletAdded History of Charles Parish Lindsay
bulletImproved links and references within David Wardell ancestry tables
bulletAdded Lee Family detail, in preparation for Lee Family history information to be made available here in the future


You may search this site for material of particular interest to you.  The search engine reflects most of the information on the site.  Please take advantage of it for your topical research.


The families detailed here are all part of my ancestry.  The genealogy tables are prepared to describe direct line relationships, but do not include all possible detail on related lines.

You may select a family you want to review from the following list:


Files used to prepare these tables are available.  These contain considerably more detail and expand the relationships substantially.

You may also want to visit the following family-related information sources, which pertain to those families described in the genealogy tables:

bulletFamily Histories

These pages are updated regularly.  New descendant charts are being added and a special emphasis is offering family histories.

Feel free to e-mail corrections and comments to me. 

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bulletDon't miss the Testimony of Jane Parish Lindsay, who describes the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the assumption of the prophet's mantle by Brigham Young.
bulletRead Julia Park's fascinating notes of her early life in Nauvoo, Illinois
bulletDiscover why the Lindsay family left Idaho.
bulletRead Minnie Lindsay Sorenson's account of the hardships of Bear Lake Valley, where the Lindsay family had settled.
bulletWho was the "Walking Dictionary?"
bulletBe sure to read the remarkable story of the death of David Ephraim Lindsay
bulletRead the story of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.'s service as a bodyguard to Brigham Young.
bulletYou'll appreciate the original poem composed in memorial at the time of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.'s death by his son Marion David Lindsay.  It speaks of the tender love of a family for their departed father.
bulletRead the inspirational poem, "The Nurse," written to honor Rachel Virginia Lindsay--"The Nurse Who Never Turned Anyone Down."
bulletLearn about James Harvey Lindsay's meeting with "Buffalo Bill"
bulletA chronological listing of changes is available on the What's New page.
bulletGo to the Table of Contents for a comprehensive listing of material available on this site.


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Credits, Links, and Other Information

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